Annual report 2020


Mission and vision


A reliable supplier of heat and power that meets customers’ and shareholders’ expectations and which builds value through:

  • Adequate profitability,
  • Competent and committed personnel,
  • Occupational safety and respect for the environment,
  • Modern and efficient technology.


  • To be a modern and high-performing main company of the KOGENERACJA S.A. Capital Group that produces returns meeting shareholders’ expectations.
  • To be a company with a strong corporate culture, committed to achieving sustained employee excellence and guided in its practice by ethical and corporate social responsibility standards of the Group.
  • To utilize reliable and robust equipment to ensure high-quality production.
  • To be committed to the development of additional manufacturing sources that meet market expectations.
  • To be a competitive producer and supplier of electricity in the domestic market and a leader of the local heat market committed to meeting customer expectations while respecting the environment.
  • To work closely with the local distributor in order to offer competitive heating comfort to the inhabitants of the Wrocław metropolitan area.