Annual report 2020


Environmental standards

KOGENERACJA S.A. specializes in the combined generation (cogeneration) of heat and power, a technology that contributes to more efficient utilization of the chemical energy of fuel and thereby to reduced environmental pollution. The Company pursues its core business in compliance with the principles of sustainable development, an approach that ensures satisfactory economic performance without compromising corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

Currently, one of the major issues of all big cities is the hazardous low-stack emission generated during the combustion of fossil fuels and wastes in low-efficiency private furnaces. KOGENERACJA S.A., as part of action aiming at reducing the so-called low-stack emission, signed a trilateral Agreement on Partnership for Sustainable Development with the local authorities of Wrocław and with Fortum, a power and heat distributor.

KOGENERACJA S.A. actively participates in the KAWKA project implemented by the City of Wrocław. Under the project, KOGENERACJA S.A. together with the heat distributor, facilitate the process of connecting new buildings to the heating network working closely with the housing cooperatives and housing associations. The project also provides for educating inhabitants of the city about the benefits of being connected to the district heating network.

In January 2016, flue-gas desulfurization and denitrification systems were launched at EC Wrocław. The investment brought about a considerable improvement in the air quality in the city: the sulfur oxide emissions decreased fivefold and nitrogen oxide emissions threefold. EC Zielona Góra S.A. generates heat and electricity using gas fuel so their air emissions are limited.

Chart. Actual emissions of KOGENERACJA S.A. in 2020 and 2019 versus permissible emission limits