Annual report 2020


PGE Capital Group

The PGE Capital Group (PGE CG) is the largest vertically integrated electricity and heat producer in Poland. Thanks to the combination of its own raw material base, electricity generation and distribution network, the PGE Group guarantees secure and reliable electricity supplies to over 5 million households, businesses and institutions.

The parent company of the PGE Capital Group is PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (PGE S.A.) listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The activities of the PGE Capital Group are currently organized in segments:

  • Conventional power generation, i.e. lignite mining, electricity and heat generation from conventional sources,
  • Heating, i.e. generation of electricity and heat from cogeneration sources and transmission and distribution of heat,
  • Renewable energy, i.e. electricity generation from renewable sources and in pumped-storage power plants and providing system services,
  • Trade, i.e. wholesale trade in electricity on the domestic and foreign markets, sale of electricity to end users, trade in CO2 emission permits, property rights and fuels and provision of Corporate Centre services to PGE Group companies,
  • Distribution, i.e. supply of electricity to end-users via the HV, MV and LV energy transmission infrastructure,
  • Other activities, i.e. provision of services by subsidiaries to the PGE Capital Group, i.e. organization of obtaining financing in the form of Eurobonds, provision of IT, accounting and HR, transport and carsharing services. It is also the activity of subsidiaries established to prepare and implement a nuclear power plant construction project, managing investment funds and investing in start-ups.